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Welcome to Goddess MECA. Mary Elizabeth Coen Assists your inner Goddess, through sharing her love of cookery, fashion and stories. This is a place to relax, feel inspired and unleash your creative potential. Enjoy.

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By Mary on Sunday 26 July 2015

Angelina Jolie is right–Get your ovaries checked ladies! In Ireland ovarian cancer is ignored, yet it is the silent cancer, that’s been killing me softly.

In Ireland ovarian cancer is ignored, yet it is the silent cancer, that’s been killing me softly. Any diagnosis is a relief if it comes after multiple visits to the doctor, in which you are increasingly dismissed as the unimportant…continue reading

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Category: Meat & Poultry

Ginger Roast Chicken with Red Wine Plum Sauce

As you’ve probaly guessed by the number of chicken dishes in my novel ‘Love & the Goddess’, chicken is extremely popular in South America. This rich dish is suitable for a special occasion and is wonderful accompanied by a glass of full bodied red wine. I love to serve a fresh green salad with it ,or maybe some string beans for contrast.

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Category: Meat & Poultry

Peruvian Mango Chicken Stir-Fry

This is a Peruvian recipe featured on page 208 of my novel Love & the Goddess. Chicken dishes are popular in Peru and this is quite an exotic concoction. The characters (Kate, James, Maria and the shaman Raul) are eating at a restaurant in the little town of Aguas Calientes after their exhilarating visit to Machu Picchu.
In the story James offers Kate a mouthful and asks her to guess what key ingredients are contained in the dish. There’s no guessing here but there’s quite a lot of foodstuff to gather together in advance. I hope you enjoy tasting the sweet tangy flavour of Aquas Calientas in this mouth watering dish.

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By Mary on Saturday 07 September 2013

The Triple Goddess Myth

The Triple goddess myth is one of the most enduring and fascinating of the Greek myths. Anyone wishing to understand female archetypes will be drawn to this story. It’s the reason I wanted to include references to it in my…continue reading

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